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Check out our new innovative solutions for hand therapy from Kinetic. The X-Lite is airy & lightweight. It is eco-friendly, compostable and non-toxic.
This product works like a thermoplastic but has the excellent advantage of being completely biodegradable. 25% biodegrades at 90 days, while 100% biodegrades within 2 years. 

Fun fact, the first thing to biodegrade is the non-toxic resin. The material which takes the longest to biodegrade is the actual cotton mesh. 

X-lite is also 7 times cheaper than thermoplastics. 

We have a range of X-lite products for every need. All are used at approximately 70 degrees in the splint bath.  The material should be submerged for 2-3 minutes. 

The Classic X-lite is the original. It has large mesh openings and is strong. Great for your larger splints. These come in rolls which are 15cm x 1.8 meters. 2 roll packs in either blue or white. 1 roll pack in white. Or 10 roll packs in white. 

The Premium X-lite is made from finer mesh and is therefore better for smaller joints. This comes in sheet form. 10 pack. Sheet size 100mm x 375mm or 150mm x 375mm

The Plus X-lite is made from a finer mesh and comes with a soft fabric surface. This is great for those with fragile skin. Just remove the fabric layer and compost all of the X-lite after use.  Comes in white or black in rolls of 2 or 10. Each roll is 15cm x 1.8 meters. 

Kinetec X-Lite Plus Edging Tape
Kinetec X-Lite Premium
Kinetec X-Lite Plus Rolls 1.8m
Kinetec X-Lite Plus Starter Kit