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X-Lite Thermoplastics
X-Lite Thermoplastics


X-Lite is the only splinting and casting material made from a cotton base impregnated with a non-toxic, safe polymer. This polymer is Polycaprolactone (PCL) a non-toxic biocompatible and biodegradable material.

Ultra lightweight. Airy with great air flow.

Once the patient is finished with the splint, it will biodegrade
over time, avoiding any contribution to waste.

Kind to the environment & the patient

X-Lite® has been engineered to benefit the environment and your health in more ways than one. It’s unique structure and features make it the ideal alternative to industry standard casting materials.

Standard synthetic casting tapes isocyanates have negative effects on your health such as irritation and asthma, requiring special ventilation equipment, apron, gloves and a mask in order to protect the clinician. During the manufacturing process for all X-Lite® materials, any toxic instances are extracted, making it 100% free from isocyanates and fiberglass.

Made with X-Lite Biodegradable Tested to ISO 14855


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Frequently Asked Questions

Compared to thermoplastics like Rolyan and Orfit, X-lite is biodegradable. 25% biodegrades at 90 days. It is also an open mesh design which is far more breathable.

The x-lite classic is nearly 7 times cheaper than Aquaplast and Tailorsplint 2.4mm.

Classic = strongest material, great for larger splints. Plus = Has a liner built in for additional comfort.  Premium = Finer mesh, more conformable – good for small joints.

No, the soft plastic is needed to separate the X-lite product. This can be recycled in your soft plastics. The X-lite material is biodegradable (25% biodegrades after 90 days).

The surface isn’t smooth like a plastic due to the cotton polymer used. It doesn’t have any sharp edges on the surface itself and is used often without a liner. The mesh design allows more breathability to the skin which is a benefit to skin integrity. 

If you do feel you need a softer or smoother version, the X-lite plus comes with a soft fabric surface included.

The edges can also be moulded and again if needed you can use the edging tape to make this even smoother.

Yes, you can use additional layers to make certain parts stronger. You can also re-heat and re-mould as many times as you like.

• X-Lite® should be heated in a splint bath set at 68-70°C.

• Heat 3D-LiteTM in an oven set at 80° C or an infrared oven 60° C for 1.5 min. You can also use a heat gun for smaller pieces.

• X-Lite® sheets should be immersed in water for approximately 1 minute and the rolls approximately 3 minutes. Make sure the water penetrates the rolls.

• Always ensure that the material is properly heated before you start working.

• Use tongs to remove X-Lite® from the water bath to avoid direct contact with the water. 

• Allow excess water to drain from the material. The material itself will not become warm.

• Protect and cover any wounds or scarring with appropriate dressings.  For fracture casting or splinting apply stockinette and procced with undercover padding to protect the skin before applying the material.

• Spot heat areas on the splint for permanent bond of accessories, straps and hook.

• Re-shape any number of times for the same patient. Reheat unused leftovers and rolls.

• Make small changes by spot heating a completed cast or splint with a regular hairdryer. Always keep your own hand close to the area you heat to avoid burning the patient.

• Cool the splint or cast with cold packs or ice spray for faster setting.

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Finally a compostable option

I really liked testing this out. It's great to have a greener option and it was easy to work with and stronger than I thought it would be.