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    Back pain affects 80% of adults causing pain, spasms, reduced mobility and reduced quality of life. Find out the evidence for supporting back bracing and how do use it effectively within your rehab.
    Our TFCC system is being used worldwide to treated Triangular Fibrocartilage Complex Injuries. Some are even using this instead of casting due to the high compliance rate and reduced risk of pressure.

    We would like to introduce a new stretching brace which is excellent for forearm rotation - the ONE-80° PRONOSUPINATOR

    Did you know compression is an easy to use, very effective garment for those with neurological disorders? Here's everything you need to know
    Knee bracing is an extremely helpful tool when treating a range of different knee injuries and conditions. But what do you use and when
    How to choose the best Ankle Foot Orthosis (AFO) for your patient!
    We decided to give it a go. Here's all our details and our influencer who tests products.

    We are launching our new At Therapy website with a popular special pricing for the Push CMC Thumb Brace and the Oval 8 Finger Splints!


    The NRX® Strap is a new material based on CR-Neoprene that can be used for individual patient needs and adjusted easily for specific uses.

    At Therapy is New Zealand's exclusive stockist and distributor for the Push Sports product range. Find out more..