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NEW Push Sports Patella Brace

Push Sports Patella Brace Pain complaints around the kneecap or where the knee tendon attaches to the bone, caused by gradually overtaxing the joint, are reduced with the Push Sports Patella Brace. The pressure pad in the Push Sports Patella Brace applies pressure to the kneecap and supports the kneecap in an effective manner. The patella brace presses on the knee tendon directly under the patella, resulting in a slight tilt and this relieves the cartilage at the rear of the patella. The brace ensures pressure builds up on the knee tendon with every step, providing a good even pressure. The amount of pressure can be set by the user, by adjusting the tension to their liking. The Push Sports Patella Brace helps you to exercise again without pain. Product manual: Minimum amount of material in the knee cavity Individually adjustable pressure Supports the kneecap and applies pressure to the knee tendon in the event of pain Easy to fit and exceptional position retention Benefits: Supports the kneecap and applies pressure to the patellar tendon in the event of pain complaints The pressure pad ensures a clear positioning and exceptional position retention Applies individually adjustable pressure Reduces pain during sports When to use? Tendinitis of the patellar ligament Jumper's knee: when the knee tendon has been overtaxed Osgood-Schlatter disease: pain at the point the knee tendon attaches to the shin bone Patellofemoral pain syndrome: pain complaints around the knee joint

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