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Compression Control

Compression is an effective, dynamic and comfortable way to help improve feedback and control.

We've worked with our Spio range for years as it is a high quality, specially made fabric of Lycra and Neoprene that is lightweight, wicking and breathable. The unique SPIO fabric has a high rebound and strong neutral memory that assists the wearer in returning their body to mid-line


Improvements include

• Increases core stability
• Improves balance
• Improves muscle control and tone
• Improves respiratory mechanics
• Decreases response latency
• Reduces involuntary movements and stimming
Great feedback for children with Hypotonia, Hypertonia, Cerebral Palsy, Down Syndrome, Muscular Atrophy, Athetosis, Autism, and Sensory Processing Disorder.


We can order the full range of Spio products starting from simple arm or leg sleeves, to full T- shirts with longer abdominal and hip support, to Thoracic Lumbar Sacral supports with thermoplastics stays and even customised, mouldable full back versions.


Have a look and get in touch. We do have a small amount of sample stock which can be trialed for free on request.