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    New Knees!

    Knee bracing has improved drastically since material science has advanced. 

    However, this has increased the range of braces on the market and made things confusing!

    Knee braces are extremely helpful to get you back to your optimal. They give you re-assurance and reduce swelling, pain and inflammation. 


    The introduction of three new knee braces has meant we're able to cover every knee issue we can think of. For further support and stabilization check out our PUSH Sport knee or PUSH Med knee!


    1. Mediroyal CRX Patella

    CRX Patella Knee Sleeve

     Graded medical compression throughout
    Patella support
    Flat knit breathable material meaning it keeps its shape and support
    Flexible spiral stays for additional knee and rotational support
    Plus sizing available for bigger thighs!
    Great for:
    Mild/moderate tendon or ligament injuries
    Patella pain
    Arthritic pain
    Pre or post operative treatment



    2.Medioryal CRX Meniscus


    CRX Meniscus Knee Sleeve

    All the properties of the CRX patella however more specifically for Meniscus injuries!
    Viscoelastic pads over the menisci significantly increase neuromuscular support
    Plus sizing too!
    Great for:
    Meniscus injuries with swelling over the joint space
    Post-operative swelling after arthroscopic surgery
    Swelling after trauma
    Inflammations and osteoarthritis in the knee
    NRX Patella Subluxation Brace
    NRX Patella Subluxation Brace
    C shaped pad with friction surface to directly control the knee cap (patella)
    Ability to specifically contour this according to anatomical shape
    Strong compressive NRX material
    Very low profile
    Extremely thin material at the back of the knee to avoid bunching
    Great for:
    Patella instability
    Patella subluxation
    Patella dislocation
    Patella displacement
    Patella femoral pain
    For more info - click the links and have a look!