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At Therapy is New Zealand's exclusive stockist
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So, who is Push Sports and why are their products so popular?

The Push Sports line has been developed by a team of experienced specialists in close cooperation with athletes and sports professionals and offers exactly what the user wants. The efficient use of high-quality materials results in a line of ultra-thin and very comfortable sport braces. Braces that support joints when exercising and that due to their slender design are ideal for use in training shoes and under sports wear.

The Push Sports line has been developed from the medical background of Push Braces. Each brace has a well-thought out function, optimally suited to healthy and safe exercise.

Allowing you to exercise healthily and safely. That is the driving force behind Push Sports. When it comes to injuries, for prevention or in cases of straining a joint, Push Sports braces allow the user to regain control in sporting activities.


A Free Feeling

Freedom of movement during exercise is an important factor which Push Sports demands of its products. This is achieved by supporting the injured joint during movements that are prone to injury. The Push Sports Thumb Brace has a cap and effective strap system that stabilises the injured thumb joint and ensures the supporting ribs in the wrist brace restrict dorsal and palmar flexion in the wrist.

But the sport braces do not impose restriction of movement in areas that do not need it. In this way, the Push Sports Kicx Ankle Brace allows full movement of the foot and your knee will not be restricted at all when wearing a Push Sports Knee Brace when bending and stretching.

A sport brace from the Push Sports line is also an excellent aid for helping to increase the body's ability to exercise. People's concerns about a brace weakening muscles are unfounded. The muscles continue to carry out the same amount of work as they would without a brace. Sport braces do not actually relieve the muscles, they support the ligaments.

A Secure Feeling

The sport braces in the Push Sports line have an excellent fit. Where needed, anti-slip materials are used. This means the brace remains in position, even during exercise. The use of breathable materials ensures that the brace breathes and does not feel sweaty. This means Push Sports braces are very comfortable and you can exercise with a feeling of assurance and freedom.

When to use a Push Sports Brace?

Injured athletes not only want to recover from their injury quickly, they want to get back onto the field of play as soon as possible. A sport brace offers an effective way of achieving this, under the guidance of a doctor or other healthcare professional.

If an injury has nearly healed, the athlete wants to put everything into ensuring they get back on the track or field as soon as possible. The injured joint structures will be in a weakened state for quite some time. To prevent an injury occurring immediately afterwards, it is advisable use a sport brace for protection. When putting great or repeated demands on joints during training, it is sensible to take added precautions to protect the joint against injury.

Many injuries are caused by too much exercise, exercise that is too demanding or irregular exercise. The wrong technique or unsuitable sports equipment can also cause problems. With injuries caused by making too great a demand on joints, a brace can be really useful. For many common complaints, such as tennis elbow or jumpers knee, the point where the tendon attaches to the bone may be irritated or inflamed. The brace relieves this point of attachment and thus reduces pain.

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