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NRX strapping – An Innovative Design!

The NRX® Strap is a new material based on CR-foam!

It can be used for various dynamic bracing techniques to rehab patients effectively. Based on k taping principles it can be applied directly to the joint or body part and modified easily to influence it in to a more optimal position.

This material has a loop textile surface which can easily attach to the hook velcro tabs which are included. Therefore the full kit for applying is on hand. It has excellent elasticity and remembrance so it can be applied easily each time it is used. 

Benefits include:

  • Friction effect of the NRX gives proprioceptive feedback
  • Perforated so this is ventilated on the skin
  • 100% latex free (and undergone skin irritation tests with SGS Ultra Trace & Industrial Hygiene)
  • Can be washed in 60 degrees
  • Comes in a 3.1meter roll to be used for various applications
  • 3 different widths depending on body part (30mm, 50mm, 110mm)
  • Easily improves body alignment
  • Increases stability
  • Reduces pain

The NRX strap is a dynamic piece of engineering which can reposition any body part effectively and be incorporated with bracing for more complex areas. 


There are 4 different types. 

NRX standard strap - Microperforated for skin friction/feedback, high elasticity, high comfort. Great for buddy loops, wrist wraps, tone and postural strapping and more


NRX Plus - Microperforated for skin friction/feedback, stiffer material (70% less elastic than the standard NRX). Great for reinforcing 

NRX Double - Standard NRX core inner, laminated with loop on both sides. Easy to attach to hook velcro. More stable than the standard

NRX Double Soft - Standard NRX core inner, laminated with loop on both sides. High elasticity









Example Uses:

NRX Strapping







NRX Strapping