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Introduction to Instagram

Introduction to @therapy Instagram

If you prefer scrolling through the gram instead of looking at our website we have just started posting for you!

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We also have links to some of our friends and colleagues for product feedback!

The Road To Recover below is currently giving product reviews on our NRX range 

"I started using NRX straps on my leg to control leg swing caused by spasticity and muscle weakness from a stroke. The level of correction has really surprised me. It’s giving me better alignment and control. And the neurological feedback gives me more confidence in my body placement. It’s easy to use and adjustable on the fly. Allowing me to get the control and feedback where I need it. It’s effective therapy and support. I’m just sorry that I didn’t discover it earlier.

I think that things like the hip strap should be worn from day 1 to prevent the leg from turning out.

And the shoulder strap (Erix three shoulder brace) could probably prevent a level of shoulder subluxation. Using it all really makes me think there is preventable suffering. 

This shoulder brace made a surprising difference in my walking. Something I wasn’t really expecting. The strap around the back and the overall fit over the top of the arm are key here.

To be honest I was sceptical about the NRX arm strap as we had tried something with kinetic tape. And you think you require pull strength but it’s the combination of anchoring it on the Erix three shoulder brace and the ability to grab on to your skin, providing that feedback really makes it work.

And i can notice it if I skip a day of wearing it!"

Feel free to follow him on Instagram to see these products in action.

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