What are you looking for?

    To make yourself or buy "off the shelf"?

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    To make yourself or buy "off the shelf"?

    What is the best option?

    To make a splint yourself from thermoplastic or neoprene??

    or to buy an off the shelf splint??

    This is a question often asked by therapists. Some therapists feel strongly that a custom made splint option is always preferable, although others feel that the off the shelf splints have a useful place for some. The decision is always based on a variety of factors.

    We have some options for consideration.

    Thermoplastic Design Off the Shelf
    Sugar Tong

     TFCC Splint

    Modified Pulvertaft
    Manex Radial Splint
    Thermoplastic Thumb Spica
    Polloform Splint