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    Solve Your Back Pain

    Approximately 80% of adults will experience lower back pain in their lifetime. About 20% of these people will go on to have chronic back pain with persistent symptoms. 

    A combination of treatment is important to solve all issues related to this and ongoing physiotherapy treatment is essential. Bracing is effective especially at the acute phase of back pain and/or at time of flare up.

    We have introduced our gold standard Aspen spinal range which includes a top of the range lumbar brace. 

    The Aspen Lumbar Support is a low profile, inelastic brace. It's patented 4:1 tightening system is like no other for enhanced support. Designed to provide trunk stability and targeted compression, this low profile brace is ideal for patient compliance. 




    For higher up back pain or shoulder or shoulder blade issues we have an effective postural support.

    Most postural supports cover a short area and can cause pressure and rubbing under the armpit. 

    Our Mediroyal Exto Light is made from high quality material, is open at the under arm and anchors lower down for a larger lever arm. This lever make is a comfortable and supportive pull to extend the shoulders back and alleviate pain.