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The TFCC Treatment

Injuries to the Triangular Fibro Cartilage Complex (TFCC) are common after radius fractures. Approximately 40% of these patients will have injuries to the ligament complex. They are also common in fall or rotational injuries. When we get to the post operative stage it is important to control pronation and supination of the forearm and give appropriate wrist stability for several weeks. 

Triangular Fibrocartilage Complex


Mediroyal have yet another well thought out, adjustable and clinically appropriate solution. Their product developer has a clinical background as well as years of experience in material science.  

The TFCC system consists of a wrist brace which comes in three different lengths, giving adaptability to get an effective lever arm to stabilise the axis of rotation. For further stability you can then attach an elbow extension unit to provide more axis rotation control. This is usually used in the first 3 weeks after the cast stage. Then the elbow unit can be removed and the wrist brace used during the remaining rehab stage. 

 TFCC Wrist Brace

  • Three elastic straps with an integrated BOA system
  • Straps are numbered in the order to apply them for effective biomechanics
  • 1st strap supports and compresses the central radius
  • 2nd strap is directly over the TFCC ligament to stabilise the distal radioulnar joint and radiocarpal joint
  • 3rd strap placed proximally, close to the edge of the brace to provide a long lever arm
  • Rounded edge proximally to avoid flexion disruption
  • Friction surfaces to increase proprioception 
  • Adjustable, wide, metal, volar splint
  • Two flexible metal splints on the dorsal side

Mediroyal TFCC Wrist Brace

TFCC Elbow Brace

  • Made from thermoplastic polymer with natural cork for less weight
  • Support over the elbow condyles with a BOA system for ease
  • Applied over the wrist brace to extend the lever arm and increase control
  • Pads can be applied to the condyle areas for more support and comfort
  • A 5cm NRX strap can be applied over the elbow unit for further compression and support

Mediroyal TFCC Elbow Unit

Patients with distal radius fractures often have problems with swelling over the wrist. Oedema can then get worse due to long term immobilisation or restriction.

To manage this, the Mediroyal compression sleeves are available in two lengths and have class 2 compression over the wrist and lower class proximally. They can also reduce skin irritation issues. 


Mediroyal Compression Sleeve