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Top 2 Best Ankle Foot Orthoses

Ankle Foot Orthoses are a very effective tool in helping those with weakness and/or tone in their lower limb!

There are a range of stock and custom AFOs available worldwide which can often make choosing confusing. 

We have increased our range to help offer a suitable option for the majority of patients. Even if a custom AFO is required for longer term treatment, stock should be considered as an interim prescription. 


1. Malleum AFO

A plastic AFO with flared edges for comfort 95% Nylon/Polyprop and 5% Polyethylene makes this AFO more supportive than the usual "Swedish" styles of AFO.
With a longer lever arm and broader foot plate it makes fitting and support more effective.
Includes an ankle strap which can be easily removed if it's not needed
They can also be adjusted and modified depending on the patient's needs.



A completely different design for AFOs!
Made from a glass fiber shell with comfortable liners and elastic straps
This AFO gives you more flexibility to adjust and tweak alignment and the overall support.
The footplate is 3/4 making it easier to fit in shoes (can be trimmed!)
The heel is open to give a natural heel strike
Elastic strapping at the ankle to control inversion and eversion more dynamically.

The Malleum offers more support for those with moderate-severe weakness and moderate-severe tone.

The PUSH AFO is more suited to those with mild-moderate weakness and tone.